The Port Canvas Company

  • PortCanvas
  • A bag for every day. And everyone.

    How they’re made in the USA:

    Each product is sewn start to finish by one person – assembly line techniques used by the competition cannot begin to match the Port Canvas commitment to quality. Every sewer provides years of experience and pride which are incorporated into each design through to the finished product. You will even find their initials proudly inscribed on the backside of the label.

    Where’s their hometown:

    The Port Canvas Company has been making soft canvas products in Kennebunkport, Maine, since 1968 – 42 years and thriving. History has clearly shown all the stress points and allowed Port Canvas to incorporate time-proven defenses against premature failure. Things like double-stitched seams, large double-folded hems and extending the handles under the bag are just a few of the steps taken to ensure longevity.

    What the company has to say:

    “One of the greatest joys has been getting to know a wide variety of customers from all over the world. Each year, we look forward to seeing the summer residents return to Kennebunkport and the surrounding area. Regular visitors are another source of interaction as they pass through going ‘downeast.’ Please stop by and say hi; we would welcome the opportunity. ‘A stranger is a friend we haven’t met yet.’”