Sea Bags

  • SeaBags
  • Made from recycled sails, so they’re perfect for the high seas of fashion.

    How they’re made in the USA:

    Where do all the old sails go? To Sea Bags for a second chance! This company can take almost any used sail and make it into a great Sea Bag. Water-resistant and robust, these resilient bags are both stylish and functional. Sea Bags are enjoyed by professional and recreational boaters alike, as well as fashionistas, corporations, and beachgoers.

    Where’s their hometown:

    Sea Bags is located on the working waterfront in Portland, Maine. The business began in 1999 and is co-owned by Beth Shissler and Hannah Kubiak. Shissler and Kubiak are both natives of Maine, both raised on the water, and both avid fans of sailing and the Olympics.

    What the company has to say:

    “We believe in recycling because it works. Each of our bags comes from recycled sails. We believe in working for causes and cures. We support our working waterfront, and we want to make an impact locally and globally.”