Grown & Sewn

  • GrownSewn
  • Pants with America woven right into the fabric.

    How they’re made in the USA:

    Inspired by American heritage and workmanship, Rob Magness is committed to supporting the relentless sense of purpose and dedication that make our country great. Born and raised in Texas, Rob moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion and became the senior design director at Ralph Lauren where he spent 10 years learning and developing his craft. Throughout his career, Rob has witnessed the connection between American fashion design and American-produced clothing disappear, which led him to create his own unique brand that is rooted in American culture and history.

    Where’s their hometown:

    The home store is located in New York City (Tribeca), but the products are pure rural Americana basics, rugged yet stylish.

    What the company has to say:

    “In an era of companies scanning the globe to pursue products that can be made at a lesser price and compromising the environment, it feels great to lay a new foundation with an American standard in my own backyard.”