Bemidji Woolen Mills

  • BemidjiWollenMills
  • Keeping Minnesotans warm since 1920. And that’s no easy task.

    How they’re made in the USA:

    Bemidji Woolen Mills continues to manufacture essential woolen apparel for the outdoor industry. Their highly skilled seamstresses take pride in their dedication to perfection. As a team working together, Bemidji strives to uphold the highest industry standards, with a knowledgeable, friendly staff eager to serve you.

    Where’s their hometown:

    During the 1930s and 1940s, northern Minnesota was discovered as a “great northwoods playground” by the thousands of individuals who came to explore its great forests, spectacular lakes, and pristine rivers. Bemidji Woolen Mills was also discovered, and their trustworthy woolen garments won a special place in the wardrobe of those original outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to the fine line of woolen clothing, sweaters, and blankets, all made in Bemidji, Minnesota, the company offers products made by other world-class brands, many of them right here in the USA.

    What the company has to say:

    “Rediscover the versatility of wool—the original miracle fiber!”