Bates Mill Store

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  • Making machine-washable heirlooms since 1848.

    How they’re made in the USA:

    In the tradition of the early craftsmen of the legendary Bates Fabrics’ candlewick and matelasse bedspread line, workers at Maine Heritage Weavers continue to weave and finish bedspreads loomed for beauty with the quality and durability of an heirloom.

    Where’s their hometown:

    With the exception of the rib cord bedspreads, each product sold by Bates Mill Store is proudly 100% manufactured in the United States by skilled craftsmen. (The rib cord bedspreads are imported.) The mill is located in Lewiston, Maine, on the banks of the Androscoggin River.

    What the company has to say:

    “The Bates Mill has been part of the Lewiston, Maine, community since 1853. Lewiston culture is still greatly impacted by the Bates Mill, even all these years later.”